October 3, 2013: Enjoyed the Great Northern Pipers Club Tionol

To the organizers, participants, and guests of this year's GNIPC Tionol, our heartfelt thanks for a wonderful weekend of music and fun. We got home at about a quarter to 9 Monday night and managed to drag all our stuff in the house before collapsing in a semi-conscious heap. Let's do it again next year!

Here is what two of the organizers, Patrick Cole & Mick Bauer said about it on the Chiff & Fipple Uilleann Pipes Forum:

Patrick Cole:

"what a fantastic weekend of piping, and learning and more piping and some drinking thrown in the mix for good measure.

thanks to Joey, Patrick D and Patrick C, and to the GNIPC for putting the weekend on."

Mick Bauer:

"Thanks, Mr. Cole! The new format is definitely a winner: Patrick McCormick executed his private-lesson vision with a schedule that held up extremely well even amidst delayed meal delivery, rampant sleep-deprivation, and other vagaries of fate.

Through it all Patrick Cannady, Patrick D'Arcy, and Joey Abarta voluntarily spent their days holed up in small rooms providing intensive, individualized, high-quality piping instruction. Each evening they then delivered breathtaking, energized performances, at the Tionol Concert, two house sessions, and a big pub session.

(How did they maintain such high levels of musico-social energy output? Scientists aren't sure.)

Thanks to everyone who made it happen, especially those of you who plonked down hard cash to register for what we openly acknowledged was a bit of an experiment. We couldn't have done any of it without such adaptable, teachable, and amicable participants!

Regards to all,