June 3, 2016: June Events: 4th: @iahcchicago 11th: @Citychicagonews & @iahcchicago 21st: @MakeMusicChi 24th: @IndependenceTap #irishmusic


Reviewing June's activities, here is what is coming up next! 
June 4th:  PÍOBAIRÍ in the Fifth Province​ 
June 11th: Piobagusfidil (pipes and fiddle) at the City News Cafe​ 
June 11th: PÍOBAIRÍ​ 
June 13th: Staged Reading: And Neither Have I Wings to Fly​ 
June 21st: Pipes n Fiddle (piobagusfidil) Make Music Chicago - Solti Garden​   
June 24th Kilmaley at the Independence Tap - Happy Hour Music!​ 
That is so far, we are not done booking gigs yet!