June 23, 2017 - @piobagusfidil @IAHF @iahcchicago July 8-9th #irishmusic #uilleann #irishfestchicago

Stop by Irish American Heritage Festival on the weekend of July 8-9th, we pipes n fiddle (piob agus fidil) (Karen Cook and Patrick Cannady) will be appearing as follows: 

Saturday, July 8th 12:00-12:45pm Patrick and Karen Cannady with Steve Ponisciak #irishfestchicago for lots of tunes in the Fifth Province at the Irish American Heritage Center! 

then later that afternoon.... 

Patrick Cannady - Uilleann Pipes Demonstration #irishfestchicago 4:30pm in The Library at The Irish American Heritage Center! 

Sunday, July 9th 4:00 in the 2nd Floor Hallway Patrick & Karen Cannady - uilleann pipes & fiddle #IAHF! 

Should be a great time, join us if you can!