June 16, 2016 - Patrick and Karen Cannady with Steve Ponisciak #IAHF #irishmusic July 10, 2016 1pm


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Here is more about the appearance on July 10, 2016: 

Patrick and Karen Cannady and Friends at IrishFest (Chicago)​ !   
We are going to be playing from 1:00pm-1:45pm Sunday, July 10th, 2016 in the Fifth Province at the Irish American Heritage Center​ as part of the 2016 Irish American Heritage Festival​ ! 

Karen Cook​ Cannady (fiddle) and Patrick Cannady​ (uilleann pipes) began playing together in 2001. Their music is arresting, spare, and rhythmic, employing the full sonic palettes of both instruments. They draw inspiration from the music brought to Chicago by Irish immigrants as well as modern masters like Martin Hayes and Mick O’Brien. They are frequent performers at festivals around the country. 

Pat and Karen are joined by Steve Ponisciak​, who they met at a session on Chicago’s South Side. Ponisciak is a lifelong musician with extensive experience on the guitar and piano. He especially enjoys playing piano accompaniment for Irish traditional music, drawing inspiration from role models like Geraldine Cotter and John Blake.