July 5, 2014 - Radio Appearances - Fun time recording the Skinny and Houli Show!

Had a fun time recording this show Wednesday night at Lizzie McNeill's Chicago for broadcast 07/05/14, The Skinny & Houli Show Listen Live What a riot!! We chatted and played some tunes, have a listen Saturday 07/05/14 3:05-4:00 and Sunday 8:05-9:00pm to Mike Houlihan and Skinny Sheahan crack-wise with Kathy O'Neill.


Last minute booking for the show prior to the Skinny and Houli Show, Good Morning Ireland with Sean Ginnelly: We are happy to be asked to appear on the Saturday Afternoon Irish Radio Show, Good Morning Ireland 07/05/14, , sometime between 1:45-3:00pm CDT (7:45-9:00 Irish time)

 Listen Live

We will be on to talk about our upcoming appearances at Irish Fest Chicago, Milwaukee irishFest and our Tuesdays at Johnny O'Hagan's Pub and play a few tunes!

Good Morning Ireland.supports Irish Music, they say on their website: "The beauty of Chicago is the great tradition of LIVE music and the great pool of talent right here on our doorstep!"