April 18, 2014 - Projects, events and gigs!

So we have been very busy with projects, events and gigs!
  1. We have launched a successful Salon Concert Chicago Series, featuring Chicago-based Irish traditional musicians, singers and dancers.
  2. Are currently working on archival recording (sheet music and audio) of  one of our mentor's music
  3. Successful advance bookings of St. Patrick’s season gigs, with only pleasant-to-do-gigs booked! 

Looking forward to the rest of the Spring and Summer 2014:

  1. We have quite a few Festival and Event bookings, watch this space as they are announced!
  2. Put on next two Salon Concerts and work on next fall's offerings, including our performance!
  3. Continue working on archival recording (sheet music and audio)
  4. Look for more YouTube videos on our piobagusfidil YouTube Channel.
  5. Working on new recording projects, look for those on SoundCloud and our websites.